Bosque Pehuén

Research residency at Bosque Pehuén (Chile). Field investigation.

↗ ↖ Located in the region of Araucanía, in the Andes, the Bosque Pehuén is a conservation area under protection part of UICN*. Since 2006, the scientific station has been dedicated to the protection of this humid temperate forest, and supports experimental research on forests and their various ecological, sound, visual, historical, cultural and conceptual dimensions, in order to contribute to the construction of a critical and conscious look at the relationship between the human and the non-human.

From 24 october 2021. post production time : from december 2021.

Project supported by the French Institute, the Goethe Institute and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile.
* International Union for the Conservation of Nature

↠ Objets de rencontre

Investigation of the artefacts (decoys and scarers, watchtowers and observation platforms, camouflages and whistles, local hitories and fables, etc.) that allow the encounter with the animal. This involves documenting the traditional knowledge of the inhabitants of Royans-Vercors and french Alpes in order to understand how human and animal sensibilities coexist, meet and sometimes clash in the territory.

From september 2021.
Project supported by the DRAC Auvergne Rhône Alpes and the Ministry of Culture.

This is a germ

Collaboration with F93, an association of scientific and technical culture located in Montreuil (93 - FR), and Vincent Maréchal, virologist at the Sorbonne University. Design of a series of workshops around viruses in a high school.
From january 2022.

Curieuse assemblée du littoral

With Les Noues collective, we are laureates of the program “Mondes nouveaux” from the Ministry of Culture of France.

The collective will carry transdisciplinary observation and creation workshops with a view to a traveling collective exhibition in southern Finistère. How do our perceptions influence the way we inhabit, maintain and develop the coast? To see the forms of life that inhabit it? These are the questions that the collective would try to elucidate, through this artistic and scientific approach.

From february 2022.

Project supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Coastal Conservatory.

Just before,

↠ Manger le vivant : les microbes, à table.

With Les Noues collective, a cycle of meals-meetings to explore the cohabitations and collaborations that we have with microbes:
1 ☼ Microscopic lives of the soil
2 ☼ Living kitchens
3 ☼ Companions of the body
4 ☼ Composts & return to the ground

Called upon by the prevailing hygienism, we wish to explore imaginaries valuing all the indispensable microbes that surround us.If this microbial presence is often considered in disease and insalubrity, we must not forget that it makes up the soils that nourish us, give smells and taste to what delights us, transforms our waste into gold and contributes to the biological balance of the environments we inhabit.These everyday allies, recomposing and breaking down ubiquitous symbioses, sweep away the very idea of autonomous body. They swarm at the heart of everything and connect the whole of the Living with a sociability and a hospitality which could make school! Welcoming the microscopic diversity of the ground, the belly and the work surfaces, it is also a pretext to question more widely our relationship with the living and our ways of inhabiting the territory, by considering the interconnections that weave there, as well as overflows and disorder. This is what motivates the organization of this cycle of meal-meetings Microbes, at the table!


On September 11, we invited 50 farmers, historians, biologists, landscapers, bakers, artists and other eaters to share a lunch around the land of Royans.  

Project supported by DRAC Auvergne Rhône Alpes, the Ministry of Culture and the National School of Decorative Arts.

Le petit club

Educational support for a group of students for a week of creation followed by an in situ exhibition in the Aspe Valley (Pyrenees, FR). From August 14 to 20.

↠ Creation residency
At the Roussets farm (August 2021) and at the ACCR (October 2020), with Les Noues collective.

↠ Le grand virage
Organization of vegetable dyeing and mineral screen printing workshops with inhabitants of Royans. Making flags for a parade in the streets of the village.
↗ Le grand virage is a festival in Saint Laurent-en-Royans. It is a civic event, festive and reflective, which honors the living. For this first edition, we welcomed Nastassja Martin, Baptiste Morizot, Corinne Morel-Darleux, Alain Damasio, the Glacier collective, the Antitourism Office, the LPO Royans Vercors, etc.
Jully 2021

↠ Fire time
With the Feu de camp collective, design of clay braziers followed by a banquet and baking in the paper oven.
At the Roussets collective farm, Saint Jean-en-Royans.

Jully 2021


↠ An artistic residency at the National Glass School (FR), two series of sculptures

↠ A series of vases with clay from the salt marshes of Guérande

↠ A botanical exploration workshop on an urban wasteland

↠ An exploration within a Shuar ethno-botanical reserve, in the Ecuadorian Amazonia

↠ A citizen observatory of the littoral on the Breton coasts

↠ A documentary investigation on the evolution of the figure of the naturalist, micro-edition